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Manna Toast, Westport

Molly Healey is the chef and owner of Manna Toast which recently opened on Church Lane in Westport.  Sous chef, Jason and Wiener and Molly “care deeply about the sustainability and preservation of our planet and are advocates for the better treatment of animals world-wide.  We felt a plant-based restaurant supported these values and both a current trend and growing desire in the community.”

Manna Toast partners with Wave Hill Bread, Ilse Coffee, Sport Hill Farm and Seacoast Mushrooms to offer customers the best possible ingredients in their entrees.

We love that lower Church Lane is now temporarily closed to car traffic, pedestrian only creating a beautiful dining area for Manna Toast and other neighboring restaurants!

Fun Fact: the entire time Molly and her team were building Manna Toast, Molly was “building” a baby!  Her second child, a son named Henry, was born on 7/27.  We believe this owner is an amazing human and super mom!

Photos by Stacy Bass Photography.

Fairfield County Lifestyle friends, please use the code “Neighbor” for 10% off your first purchase.

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