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Delamar West Hartford - The perfect local luxury getaway!

The Delamar West Hartford is the a boutique hotel that offers luxury and charm to your stay!

We enjoyed a massage at the spa and then dined at Artisan Restaurant Tavern & Garden, an award winning farm-to-table restaurant in the hotel. The outdoor patio was so picturesque which included a view of the chef’s garden filled with vegetables and herbs. And those oysters were so fresh and delicious!

The Delamar West Hartford is also home to art curated by Diane Birdsall.

Upon entering the Delamar you are greeted by the spectacular statement piece, quarter chair by Johnny Swing. He was born in Salisbury, CT!

Local artist Adrien Broom, raised in Lyme, CT, the nation’s oldest art colony, features stunning works – magical art we could stare at and get lost in for hours!

Sol LeWitt, also born in Connecticut (Hartford), known for conceptual art is one of the most influential artists in the twentieth Century! His distinct geometric designs capture your eye!

Paul Rousso’s “20 Purple Pounds” is a gorgeous three dimensional wall art – art like we’ve never seen!

NYC graphic designer Maziyar Pahlevan’s “Hello World” exudes a warm welcome with a gentle glow.

And stop by the Artisan West Hartford for a craft cocktail, absolutely art in a glass!

We’ll be back real soon!

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