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Meet Mary Ann Tooker and Daisy Bella!

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Meet Mary Ann Tooker, founder of Daisy Bella, a clothing company that empowers women to find their confidence in being themselves. Based out of Stamford, CT, all their products are ethically-made, sweat-shop free, eco-friendly, and produced in the USA.

Mary Ann is a seasoned professional in the fashion and cosmetic industries. She worked for G. Fox and BCBG to name a few. When she was in her twenties a mentor cautioned her “I’m not sure you have tough enough skin for the fashion industry.” This stuck with Mary Ann, and set

her on her path to embrace others around her. Mary Ann was one of the sponsors for the internship students at the FIT. She took on students who were overlooked from the big-name companies mostly because of look or shyness. Mary Ann’s mom told her and her sisters to shoot for the stars and shoot for the stars they did! Mary Ann worked tirelessly and hasn’t stopped for a moment!

This past year Mary Ann sponsored two students to attend camp through Girls Inc. She sent the students anonymously. With Daisy Bella’s success, Mary Ann will be doing a whole lot more of that!

10% of Daisy Bella’s profits go to charities helping women and people in need.

While a rose gets so much attention a daisy is often overlooked and is just as beautiful, hence the name Daisy Bella.

Check out Daisy Bella’s t-shirts, sweatshirts and tanks, we love their positive affirmations: “Be The Change”, “You are Enough”, and especially “Be You”, two little words that are enormously powerful Mary Ann explains! If you are looking for comfortable, high quality garments, go to - a perfect gift for your special mom, sister, aunt and BFFs this Mother’s Day!

Check out our story to see how Daisy Bella’s items are beautifully packaged and a few of our faves!

FCL friends mention LIFESTYLE10 to get 10% off your first order!

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