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I Love Summer Street!

Meet Fairfield County art director, marketing consultant, food stylist, celebration creator, AND jewelry designer Paula Winicur – founder of Summer Street Studio @ilovesummerstreet (and single mom to a precocious and entrepreneurial 11-year-old daughter @sweetdreamsbytj).

With Summer Street Studio, Paula designs beautiful, inspiring, one-of-a-kind jewelry, combining her experience and vision to carefully curate quality materials inspired by nature and the sea, creating moments of peace within life’s storms.

Paula began making jewelry many years ago, when her mother had a very special family event. She had been ill for many years, which made finding an outfit she loved difficult. Together they found the perfect ensemble, but her mother felt it was missing something, and since jewelry always fits, Paula suggested they make a necklace to complement it. Her mother was so delighted with the custom necklace Paula designed for her, that after she wore it, she hung it inside a frame on her wall to display it as art, and to remind her of a moment that made her feel truly special.

Realizing the power of helping women feel their beauty, Paula started making jewelry as gifts, and the more people asked her to create custom pieces for them, organically Summer Street Studio was born. Sadly Paula lost her mom to the illness, and that loss taught Paula the importance of concentrating on what became her tagline: Find the Beauty in Every Day.

“There is abundant beauty in the world around us, and my mission is to find beauty in every day – it’s not always obvious, but it’s there, sometimes you just have to look hard to find it – and elevate it so that others can appreciate it too.”

Paula loves to help women connect to the inspiration that drives them, and the vision of who they can become. “Meaningful everyday connections inspire me and keep me going.” She creates pieces full of inspired moments and beautiful possibilities, jewelry designed to inspire.

You can purchase Summer Street Studio jewelry through instagram (@ilovesummerstreet) or on Paula’s (

Photos by@melanilustphototgraphy

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