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Leave It On The Board

Meet Chelsea Mullen and Madi Vandevelde!

Leave It On The Board was started as a passion project last June by Chelsea Mullen and Madi Vandevelde. They had both graduated from Indiana University In May and when the pandemic hit, their world was turned upside down. They have loved creating charcuterie boards for years and when they were quarantined together, it was time to launch Leave It On The Board!

Chelsea said, “Our business is just starting out, but we want to share our love of cheese, meats and everything in between with people. Not everyone knows how to pick the perfect brie or have time to spend putting a board together – so that’s where we come in.”

Let Leave It On The Board put something together that fits your needs whether it’s a group of 2 or 20! They are offering FREE delivery to our FC Lifestyle followers within Fairfield County!

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