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Luxury Picnic Co.

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Are you looking for a magical evening to meet up with loved ones but want to relax and truly enjoy the experience ? Meet Jennie Julio, owner and creator of the Luxury Picnic Co.! She will make your event one to remember!

After the pandemic, Jennie had a desire to have her family and friends get together, eat great food, laugh and have a wonderful time. The pandemic proved how important time shared with loved ones truly is. She wanted the shared time to be extra special and luxurious for her loved ones. Luxury Picnic Company was born.

As Jennie explains, it doesn’t have to be a milestone event, to wait to celebrate. We need to also celebrate our time together every day. Jennie wants clients to feel luxurious without having to do all the work. One of Jennie’s favorite parts of her business is the initial reveal of the picnic space to her client. After she and her team have set up and styled the picnic space, seeing the excitement and thrill on her client's faces is incredibly rewarding.

In addition to three employees, Jennie's current team consists of Adam, her 20-year-old son, and Abbie her 17-year-old daughter. Adam and Abbie help setup the picnic spaces and Jennie styles the tables, pillows, food and extras. Furthermore, Adam is the photographer, you’ll see his work @LuxuryPicnicCo on Instagram. Abbie is the social media expert; you’ll see her creations on TikTok - @luxurypicnicco - and Instagram. Jennie handles the company's website: And just an aside, my daughter and I used to carpool with Abbie to Westchester and Abbie rocks, an absolute amazing human that positively radiates.

When Jennie isn’t planning and designing picnic experiences, she teaches yoga privately to long-standing clients. She has been a yoga therapist since 2005.

Jennie’s message:

“Never be the one to say no to yourself. The answer will always be no if you don’t ask. Let someone else give you the no and you’ll never regret a passed opportunity.”

Everyone is happy to share space created by Jennie.

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