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Meet H Salon in Fairfield

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Meet Fairfield County entrepreneurs Marisa Fearon and Jackie Fernandes, co-owners of H Salon on the Post Road in Fairfield. The vibe in this salon is positive from the moment you walk in; from the warm greeting, to the wonderful massage as you get your hair shampooed to the sound of laughter and happy conversations that fill the air.

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Marisa began her career studying in London with Vidal Sassoon at the Advanced Academy. She had a great experience and learned from the very best. At age 24 she came back to the U.S. and opened up her own salon in Westport. She has the same passion now as she did then!

Jackie expressed an interest in becoming an owner. So when Marisa grew out of her space in Westport, H Salon in Fairfield was born and Jackie came aboard. Marisa and Jackie share the same work ethic and family values; both are genuine and kind so they knew they were a perfect fit. Also they share a love for their industry, love doing hair and love making people feel good about themselves (I can personally attest to this)!

Marisa states her clients give her the gift of positivity. Being positive also takes work and effort; Marisa is up at 6:00am, for a weekly positivity call, “Morning Mindset on the Daily Drive with Denise” the amazing Denise DiGrigoli (so honored to feature this amazing human real soon – easy to see why these women connect)! Marisa posts a positivity calendar at work for employees to read, simple daily tasks we can all accomplish like, “call a friend or family member,” “allow space for you to take a break for one hour,” and “people need your good energy, make a conscious effort to smile more today.”

In 2018 Marisa and Jackie went to London together to study with Mark Woolly, a celebrated figure in the hair dressing community. Mark’s expert knowledge is regularly requested for television, radio and leading publications across the globe. He is an award-winning hair stylist, international creative director and the entrepreneurial force behind the exclusive Electric brand which H Salon carries. I tried Electric’s Volumize Liquid Mist (I really need help with that) and love it, my hair lasts an extra day without having to wash! H Salon also uses the most natural, safest, non-toxic hair care products from sustainable, environmentally-conscious companies that also dedicate funding towards charitable causes.

Marisa’s message is she wants her clients to know that she cares about them. She is so grateful to be back after the pandemic shutdown and working hard to make everyone feel good.

On a personal side note, Marisa is one of those people I believe I was destined to meet. We know the many pressures business owners are facing during this COVID period. And still Marisa marches on with grace and a genuine, positive outlook. She goes out of her way to put clients at ease, make them feel safe and is meticulous with her craft. I am truly inspired by her. When I am at work, I think of Marisa often when I feel the stress coming on largely due to this climate of uncertainty, instead of allowing it to rule me, I hold it at an arm’s length and focus on being the very best I can be at that moment. And the interesting thing is since my outlook has changed, very positive opportunities have been coming our way. I am so grateful I to have had the opportunity to have met this amazing human!

H Salon welcomes new clients.

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