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Meet Lucy Krupenye

Meet Fairfield County award-winning sculptor and self-taught artist Lucy Krupenye! Her sculptures which range from less than one foot to over 6 feet are very organic and Zen in feeling. The materials she prefers are stone, wood, metal and bone.

Lucy’s grandmother had a prominent art gallery in Woodstock, NY that housed many famous artists. As a girl, Lucy spent countless hours in this gallery and would play there. Little did she know that during these cherished moments she was getting an early education in art and design that would lead to a prolific and successful career!

When Lucy was a child she spent many summers in Provincetown, Cape Cod. She would collect driftwood, stones and treasures during her beach walks. Years later, Lucy started her art by making jewelry from the beautiful treasures she collected at the beach. Lucy transformed these beautiful treasures into tiny impressionistic sculptures. A NY Times art critic saw her tiny sculptures and told her she needed to work larger. Lucy took his advice and taught herself how to drill stone and use an industrial strength drill press. She’d go to the local hardware store and talk with anyone that would teach her how to use these power tools. Just by chance, Lucy was visiting Woodstock, NY and she stumbled upon an abandoned quarry that had blue stone. She used this stone to make her first large sculpture which was then accepted into an art exhibition in SoHo. She started her sculpting career while teaching full time!

We asked Lucy where she finds inspiration, “Nature is my biggest inspiration.” Lucy’s studio overlooks a river. Along with nature and music playing in her studio, she prefers to work at night as that’s where she finds her peace and calm.

Lucy has had solo exhibitions at the Hammond Museum, the Stamford Museum, and the Silvermine Guild Arts Center, the Carriage Barn Arts Center, the Simon Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard in addition to many other galleries and museums. Lucy explains “when someone comes to my show I want them to walk in and feel a sense of peace and calm. In our world we are surrounded by ugliness and violence. I strive to create beauty out of diverse elements that can touch people emotionally.”

Clients may commission Lucy for custom designs or purchase a pre-made design.

Contact Lucy at

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