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Meet Maria Flynn and Hygge Home Living!

Meet Maria Flynn, owner of Hygge Home Living in Ridgefield. Maria is an interior stylist and professional organizer. A friend introduced Maria to the Danish word HYGGE, (Hygge describes an ambience as well as a state of mind; it evokes an inner sense of contentment). and the concept resonated with her. And that’s exactly what Maria accomplishes, she creates function and thoughtful design that creates a space you want to come home to!

Maria’s clients are busy women that have unfinished home décor projects and/or folks looking to simplify living everyday at home.


Inspired by beauty seen in nature, light, art, patina as well as simple life pleasures Maria designs thoughtful and functional spaces that encourages your company to stay a while and we promise they won’t want to leave!


Maria also offers professional organizing services. I (Sherri speaking here, Jean is very organized! 😉) had a kitchen junk drawer that I sought Maria’s advice on. Maria asked me general questions about my kitchen. Do I bake? Do I cook? Do I entertain? She suggested the drawer next to my oven is where I should store my oven mitts (they were on the other side of the kitchen and I never thought a second about the logistics).


So, after the questions, we spoke about zoning and she advised organizing three drawers, instead of the one! Sign me up!!! She then measured the drawers and took pictures of the contents we would be keeping.

Maria is brilliant in her organizing. She empties the entire contents and questions the usefulness of each item. She then sets up stations:






I had some items in my drawer that I received as a gift from our wedding 24 years ago and never used!

When Maria came back for the second appointment, she offered me different organization (storage) options that I could choose from. These organizing trays were selected to custom fit perfectly within the space.


And now when I come home and open these drawers, I feel contentment and love for these drawers. I like to show them off! Anyone that messes up my drawers better watch out! 😉



Mention FCL and Hygge Home Living is offering 20% off a room styling service or kitchen organization service .

And get Hygge! 😊

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