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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Good day Fairfield County! I had two different experiences for being tested for COVID-19 and wanted to share both in case it saves you time when doing your own research. I had a job in June that required everyone involved on the project to be tested. I went on on a Friday and made an appointment for a drive-thru test in Fairfield that very day. What I liked about CVS was that I had an appointment, only waited 20 minutes for the test, felt the whole experience was completely sterile, I never had any physical contact with the pharmacy staff administering my test, never left my car and swabbed the back of my nose myself. This COVID testing site takes medical insurance. I had test results the next Monday.

I had to get tested again this past week. I did try and the locations in town were completely booked so a friend told me about DOCS Urgent care which takes medical insurance as well. This experience was great as well because I received my results the same day. If you choose DOCS I’d recommend bringing a folding chair, getting in line at 6:45am even though they open at 9:00am and bring your laptop or a book. At DOCS I waited outside the office yesterday starting at 7:00am, was 8th in line for testing and left with results at 12 noon. While I waited for DOCS to open, I waited outside their office on a sidewalk, once DOCS opened I wrote my name on a waiting list, waited in my car till a staff member called my cell, went into the office to get swabbed by a nurse, went back in my car to wait for results, was called again to inform me my results were in, came back in office to receive my results from a physician. DOCS does a great job of requiring patients to wait in their cars so there is never more than one person in the waiting room and there is hand sanitizer in several different locations in the office.

Although both were two different experiences, I would recommend both companies based on your individual needs.

DOCS Urgent Care has locations in Fairfield, Bridgeport, Stratford, Norwalk and Stamford.

With love and wellness!

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