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Painting with a Twist, Westport, CT

Meet Janice McGuire, owner of Painting with a Twist, located in Westport, CT. This charming, inviting studio is the perfect destination for an artist or aspiring artist to come and paint and be taken away for a few hours!

Janice studied art in college and crafted stained glass windows in Vermont after graduation. She then moved to New York and worked at Citicorp for several years where she met her husband. She then moved to Westport to raise her family. When her kids were grown she became a mortgage broker and then came the real estate crash. Janice returned to her art roots and Painting with a Twist was born!

Janice told us, “it’s a really gratifying business because our goal is to make people happy in a beautiful, upbeat, colorful environment. We do get people who know how to paint, but the vast majority haven’t painted since grade school and come out just to try it out or to have fun doing something different. It’s a popular Girls’ Night Out, date night or family activity. We’ve shared important moments in people’s lives – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, bridal and baby showers, and we’ve had 6 marriage proposals!”

I attended a class at Painting with a Twist this past weekend with family and friends and had a great time! The night started with 80’s dance music playing, and an impromptu get up and dance for a minute to rid any inhibitions before we picked up our brush. Agata, our art instructor, provided clear instructions of what brush to use and step-by-step directions on how to paint. We all left with masterpieces!

Painting with a Twist

1460 Post Rd E

Westport, CT 06880


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