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Pink Spoon Sweets

Meet Fairfield County resident Ashley Popoli, creator of Pink Spoon Sweets and mother to 18-month-old beautiful Zara! I knew I was going to love this mom just by the title of her business, Pink Spoon Sweets. This led me to think of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde (which I adore) and thoughts of sweetness and magic start to fill my head! With a bite of Ashley’s Oreo Funfetti chip cookie I go straight to my happy place! A bite of chocolate heaven, a hint of Oreo and a splash of Funfetti fun all rolled into one! Ashley explained before Pink Spoon Sweets was created, she baked with a pink spoon in her kitchen. The color pink is more than just a color to Ashley; pink is sweet, nice, tender, affectionate, peaceful and happy. The color pink describes Ashley’s dynamic personality!

This busy mom has a corporate job too at Deloitte! Deloitte’s company culture encourages employees to give back to the community. And Ashley wanted to do just that during the pandemic. A friend had mentioned to Ashley she was looking for people to donate food to a local public high school. Ashley immediately went into action and baked over 50 dozen cookies in the first month! She loves that her cookies bring these kids happiness and this brings her happiness as well!

We tried a batch of Ashley’s handcrafted cookies at our home. After my oldest son JR took his first bite, he stopped short and said one word, “Wow!” The cookies did not last a minute! My favorite is the decadent Oreo Funfetti followed super closely by the snickerdoodle! Happiness for my mouth!

Ashley’s Fun Fact: “I am one of 5 girls!! So needless to say our Italian family functions are a bit crazy and full of many cookies :)”

Ashley has a helper in the kitchen, her daughter Zara! We cannot wait to see what lies ahead for these two amazing humans!

To order your Pink Spoon Sweets cookie platter text or call 203-442-6004.

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