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Riverside Nutrition, Shelton

by Claire Butler, Intern

Meet Jennifer Mosley, the owner of Riverside Nutrition in Shelton! Riverside sells healthy shakes and teas. The shakes are full of protein and nutrition and the teas provide antioxidants and energy, and all of them are delicious!  

Her vision for Riverside was to create a healthy lounge/bar that radiates great vibes. Riverside is not just a healthy environment, but a community that encourages lifting up others and helping others achieve their goals: spirit, soul, and body. Jennifer’s favorite shake at Riverside is the white chocolate Reese’s. It's one of my favorites too – next to the maple glazed donut which is a fall flavor 😍. Her favorite tea is the black widow which is an exclusive at all the CTN bars. A fun fact about Jennifer is that she has lived in six different states – which is probably a reason she is so good at touching the lives of so many different types of people. What I love most about Riverside is the positivity that all of the people behind the bar bring to my day whenever I go!

Riverside Nutrition is located on River Rd. in Shelton. For more information, visit their website or their Instagram, @riversidenutritionct !

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